Yulia Artemyeva

Yulia Artemyeva was born in 1983 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. 

Yulia is a visual artist, NFT photo artist, she is was awarded the highest title of The International Federation of Photographic Art FIAP — Master of FIAP. Yulia is a jury member at international photo contests. She is the author of study programs in art photography. 

Yulia has solo exhibitions in France and Russia, she is a participant of international photo festival programs and international group exhibitions in Russia, Europe, USA and Asia, she is an owner of 60 awards of  FIAP, PSA, GPU, RPS at the photo contests in 38 countries of the world. 

Yulia cooperates with Agency “Plainpicture”, Germany. 

The author’s photos are in private collections in France, Russia and in the collection of Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado, USA.